The Purpose of the Portrait

Is it possible for a photographic portrait to reveal anything ‘real’ about you or someone else?

I am currently in graduate school and one of my professors included this question in a blog post. The context is for an experiment using “selfies” in literary exploration, but it got me thinking about the stories I want to tell about my clients in their portrait sessions.

I take all kinds of pictures: families, head shots, senior portraits, weddings, and events. My favorite shots are usually the ones between the poses. That’s when I capture moments, personalities, and a slice of life. Smiles are genuine, eyes sparkle, and there is a reality to them that makes them special.

What story do these portraits tell?

Class of 2014

Class of 2014

I captured this soft expression when I asked her about  a memory. She was a little wistful and thoughtful as she considered the question. A reserved personality anyway, this captured something of her essence.



This was just a fun photo shoot all around. We took a drive up to Rome, GA where a friend has a vintage store. We borrowed this fabulous dress and walked around the historic downtown taking pictures. This Old Hollywood Glamour shot is still her Facebook profile picture.



This shot was for a campaign profile. The lighting and the municipal buildings in the background add to the element of authority and the straight on angle with a smile shows both approachability and integrity.


Rish, Ryan.

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