Divas with a Cause

Diva with a Cause

Because Divas have all the fun

divas4bAre these ladies stunning or what? They are vocalists who have come together to bring attention to causes that are closest to their hearts: brain cancer, kidney disease, Wounded Warrior Project, scoliosis, and domestic violence recovery. Checkout their website (http://www.divaswithacause.com/) and be sure to find them where ever they sing.


The Purpose of the Portrait

Is it possible for a photographic portrait to reveal anything ‘real’ about you or someone else?

I am currently in graduate school and one of my professors included this question in a blog post. The context is for an experiment using “selfies” in literary exploration, but it got me thinking about the stories I want to tell about my clients in their portrait sessions.

I take all kinds of pictures: families, head shots, senior portraits, weddings, and events. My favorite shots are usually the ones between the poses. That’s when I capture moments, personalities, and a slice of life. Smiles are genuine, eyes sparkle, and there is a reality to them that makes them special.

What story do these portraits tell?

Class of 2014

Class of 2014

I captured this soft expression when I asked her about  a memory. She was a little wistful and thoughtful as she considered the question. A reserved personality anyway, this captured something of her essence.



This was just a fun photo shoot all around. We took a drive up to Rome, GA where a friend has a vintage store. We borrowed this fabulous dress and walked around the historic downtown taking pictures. This Old Hollywood Glamour shot is still her Facebook profile picture.



This shot was for a campaign profile. The lighting and the municipal buildings in the background add to the element of authority and the straight on angle with a smile shows both approachability and integrity.


Rish, Ryan. http://ryanrish.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/figured-worlds/