Vintage Photo Shoot with Caty Mae

Dress courtesy

Vintage A Go Go

224 Broad St, Rome, GA 30161

Caty Mae 20130803-CatyMae05cleanbw 20130803-CatyMae-06-petit-sky-bee-heirloom 20130803-CatyMae07-bedford-julep-seamstress2 20130803-CatyMae08-noir-champagne 20130803-CatyMae-10 20130803-CatyMae-11southerncharm-kingfu 20130803-CatyM-Mae01-noir-vignette-frost 20130803-CatyM-Mae03ed-icedtea-levels

2 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Shoot with Caty Mae

  1. LOVE this shoot! What a BEAUTIFUL girl! Great work, Stephanie – (loud applause). Very stunning – I think I’d like to purchase Caty Mae’s photos!!!

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